XIII. Lultimo dossier. Vol. 17

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Acklise, 18.03.2017 19:32

XIII. Lultimo dossier. Vol. 17


File Size: 34 mb
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1. XIII. Lultimo dossier. Vol. 17.pdf
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3. XIII. Lultimo dossier. Vol. 17.mobi
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5. XIII. Lultimo dossier. Vol. 17.doc

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Ebook Details:

In questo ultimo dossier vengono analizzate le fonti di ispirazione dello scrittore Van Hamme e i personaggi reali come modello dal disegnatore Vince. In piĆ¹, una galleria dei prinicipali personaggi della serie, impreziosita da bozzetti inediti.

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Alogme, 23.03.2017 14:00

Awesome share Mr agape801...super fast delivery too!..max reps for you!..++++++++++
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Priently, 31.03.2017 21:31

+5 rep added, Thanks
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Knotood, 02.04.2017 12:55

I look forward to getting this.
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Semandowns, 08.04.2017 20:12

Awesome share! Max Reps added and thanks man!
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Wasell1991, 16.04.2017 20:53

I think this could come in handy :-) Would love to have it ;D Rep added!
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Whisente, 23.04.2017 15:11

Love this forum